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April 19, 2012


Karen in Ohio

SJ, you could have been describing my own feelings about travel, to a T. Love your positive outlook!

Oprah used to say that every single person has a story. It's so true, although sometimes you really have to work to find them out.


SJ, thanks for blogging with the Femmes again!

I have fond memories of our trip to the Morikami Museum last year, combining mystery talk AND birds AND plants AND architecture. And cultcha. And you're right: the ones who show up really want to be there.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Yes, I actually love it, too.. I love the shower caps and little soaps, and the different people in the bookstores, and when someone starts talking bout my book, and how people behave in airports, and the first view of a new city.

Welcome welcome see you soon!

Charlaine Harris

Love the picture. There are things I enjoy about travelling, too, but actually getting from point A to point B is not among them. I hate standing in the security line, no matter how entertaining my fellow travellers may be.

SJ Rozan

Karen -- and if you don't find someone's story out, you can make it up based on whatever you saw of them.

Dana -- that's exactly the kind of thing that I love about being on the road!

Hank -- yes! All that, yes!


Hahaha, 'make it up based on whatever you saw of them'--about a year ago, I was sitting in a restaurant on a rainy day, and the guy across the aisle was staring at me as I ate. I quietly started making notes about him and why he was interested in what/how I ate; after a few minutes, I had the slightly unnerving sensation that he was also writing a story about me, although he had no pen and paper--it was just the quality of his attention. He wasn't flirting, or if he was, he wasn't doing a very good job of it--just observing closely. Odd.

Susan Dunlap

Shira, I'm amazed at your memory. Touring--it's like being the Queen, except that she doesn't write mysteries. At least not under her own name.

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