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April 18, 2012



Marcia, an OED on your toe? Yikes! Ow!

I love seeing what people read on vacation. The least compelling (to me) was a book on some kind of specialized tax law--and that was on the beach at Turks and Caicos. Couldn't drum up much conversation about that one...

Marcia Talley

Dana, there were guys reading the Economist and Guns & Ammo. Duh ... which one should I chat up?

Susan Woythaler

I really prefer books....to see what folks are reading...I'm always looking for one of Marcia Talley's books! When people are reading from electronic books, I find myself craning my neck trying to see what is on the page! I'm wondering if those electronic books get hot while propped on one's abdomen? That sure would be uncomfortable! ...another vote for REAL books! ...Just saying....Thanks for your blog, Marcia....

Alison Andrea Jacobs

Great blog, Marcia! I always want to know what others are reading--it is frustrating when someone is on a Kindle or an i-pad!!! I try to surreptitiously get behind them and read over their shoulder! I was reading your new book in hardcover "The Last Refuge"--GREAT read!

Elaine Viets

You may not be able to tell a book by its cover, but you can tell what people are like by what they read: No Guns N Ammo guys for me.

Marcia Talley

On the whole, I thought this was a higher class of cruise, literature-wise. Lots of "Oprah books" on deck, and I didn't see anyone reading James Patterson ... but then, it could have been on their Kindles.

A Facebook User

Excellent blog, Marcia! Books are like dogs, great conversation starters. Your sisters are adorable. So glad you were able to spend time with them. See you at Malice! Sasscer

Marcia Talley

And some books are dawgs!! LOL.

A Facebook User

I've got the iPad and do some reading on it, but still like to have a hardback or two on my bedside table for reading at night. It's easier on the eyes, and I'm less likely to be distracted by other possibilities (check email? play words with friends?). If reading is an escape, I don't want to do be able to easily escape from the book. I know that some people prefer the kindle just for that reason, and the ability to be able to have many books at the touch of a button is awesome.

Mary Ellen Hughes

So many tough choices! I love my new iPad for email, writing, and surfing the web, but prefer e-book reading on my older Pandigital e-reader, which fits in my hand a little better. But right now I'm reading a real, live library book with real pages to turn! Lovely.

Mary S.

LOL, Marcia! Now a guy on a cruise reading a book about dogs, or a mystery with dogs, that's right up there with the Crais for me!

Marcia Talley

MaryEllen, I have a first generation iPad (early adopter, me!) and I find it's really heavy for long-time reading. I tend to prop it up on a pillow on my stomach. But -- beware! -- don't fall asleep with your iPad while reading in a hammock. It's a long way for an iPad to fall, and those screens will break. Unlike your average paperback novel. :-)

Kate Charles

Well said, Marcia! It bugs me that people are so inflexible and even judgmental when it comes to reading e-books, as if it's an indication of some sort of moral failing. As I always say, it doesn't have to be 'either/or'. REAL books are wonderful; we all love them. But there are times when an e-reader is an absolute godsend, and we shouldn't look down on people who use them.
What I'd like to see is a policy whereby purchasers of 'real' books would be entitled to download discounted copies of the corresponding e-books. My favourite place for reading is the bath, so 'real' books obviously win out here, but when I'm halfway through a hardback and facing a long journey, how nice it would be to have the same book on my iPad!

Marcia Talley

Kate, I couldn't agree more! If one has already purchased the "real" book, it seems only fair that the ebook of same should be provided for free, or as part of a package. I think I remember hearing that Powells Bookstore was planning to experiment with "bundling," but that was several years ago now.

Marcia Talley

Sarah, I had to laugh about "distracted by other possibilities." Don't think I'll go there ... [grin]

Deb Romano

For orthopedic reasons, I find that it's much easier to read a long book on my Kindle. Hard to believe, but I have suffered more than one injury due to problems with big books! (Just finished a few months of anti-inflammatory medication for the latest one.) It was this last injury that convinced me that I needed an e-reader. The Kindle has been a godsend. I still buy "regular" books, too, but I like having more than one option. I especially love not having to tote along an extra bag just for my books when I travel. I went out of town for Easter weekend and spent the entire time thinkng that I had left something home, because all I had with me was my purse and an overnight bag! I had an entire library of reading material in my purse,thanks to the Kindle. My back and neck and shoulders all thanked me!

Marcia Talley

Deb, I know what you mean! There are some hardback books -- like those by Elizabeth George and Stephen King -- that are simply too heavy to hold for extended periods of time!

carl brookins

I'm shocked, shocked, I tell you! Such suggestive comments and pictures!

Marcia Talley

I know, Carl. I had to think twice before posting all those pix of bare feet. ;-)

Deborah Crombie

No wonder I never know where you are these days!

Love Susan's reading choice!

Rick just got an iPad, and I have to admit I am a teensy bit jealous. So one of these days I'll probably join the crowd. But it does take the fun out of seeing what people are reading. There's a great blog called HOT GUYS READING BOOKS, where people send in pics of, yes, hot guys reading books. No fun at all with a Kindle... Although Frank Santo did a great piece in the New York Daily News on reading Fifty Shades of Gray. He was embarrassed reading it on the subway even on the Kindle:-)

Marcia Talley

LOL, Deb! I just visited HGRB -- love the hot guy on the rock.

Read somewhere (can't remember where, of course) that more guys than you think read romance novels. They are too embarrassed to buy them in a bookstore, so they purchase them online. Presumably the books arrive on their doorstep in plain, brown wrappers. With the Kindle, though, the problem of embarrassing, non-manly reading material is solved.

Charlaine Harris

I do have men come to my signings with my books in those padded covers. Plus, a suspicious number are buying them for their girlfriend or their mother. But I'm just glad when I see people reading, no matter what their reading material is.

Marcia Talley

Charlaine, I agree 100%. Back in the day, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys were not carried by many libraries because they weren't the "proper" sort of book for young readers. Reading is key to success in life, so I'm all for anything that gets kids reading. As authors, we may owe a huge debt to JK Rowling and the many fine authors who are turning out amazing YA mysteries these days. Those kids are our future audience.

Jenny Milchman

I think if I were on a ship I might sink it with all my paper books. Though I hear you on the convenience factor, I just can't sacrifice a book-book. Maybe one of the all you can eat buffets, but not my book :)

Great choices, all the sisters! Sounds like you had fun!

Ian Markwood

I read your blog and thought it was fascinating! For me, the one thing I miss about hardcopy books are the smells. Call me weird, but while being immersed with the plot of a book, I distinctly remember the smell...the paper and 'history'. 'History', in this instance may be attributed to one turning the pages of the book and coming across the 'history' of the previous reader (water stains, maybe they enjoyed a beverage while reading) and the smell of the paper. While an archivist at the UW-Madison School of Music, I had the opportunity to restore books and scores and to this day, I will always remember the smell of their history. Nothing can take that away from me and it reminds me of MY history. Sorry Kindle and iPad, you cannot top that.....unless, you make an App for that.........

Love you, Auntie!

Marcia Talley

I used to catalog rare books for St John's College. Thanks for reminding me about the smells, Ian. One fine old set of atlases must have been owned by a cigar smoker -- three hundred years old, and the books still stank of cigar smoke! And I know you can "bookmark" eBooks, but I just loved the marginalia in some of the collection. My favorite from a US Naval officer named Marcy who annotated a copy of Melville's "Typee" (or maybe it was "Omoo") pointing out in scathing terms every instance where the great author got it wrong about Polynesia!

Maria Aylward

Loved your blog. Glad all you sisters had fun together. I worked with Susan for many, many years. I purchase hardcovers, paperbacks and e-books on my Nook Color. I love them all. Although the Nook Color is not as good outside with your sunglasses on. I purchased their anti-glare screen which makes it a little better outside. Right now, I'm reading Titanic themed books but don't know if that's a good choice when you're on a ship!

Ray Flynt

Whether we prefer an old-fashioned book in our hands or one of the new e-readers, I think the trend is clear. Today I read an article that referenced the fact that in 2002 95% of all music purchased was on CD's. We know what's happened with that. So I'll agree that for us writers, encouraging young people to read - in whatever format - is important.

I also got a jaw dropping announcement in my e-mail from Barnes and Noble today, announcing pre-sale for J. K. Rowling's new book, which will be available on Nook for (drum roll please) $19.99! I think I'll wait for the movie version to come out. :-)

Marcia Talley

Maria, believe it or not, on board the ship, we had the opportunity to be photographed in front of a backdrop of the grand staircase on the Titanic!! Go figure! (We did it, by the way, and looked FAB in our formal gowns!)

Marcia Talley

Ray, I am continually amazed to see eBooks on Amazon priced higher than the same book in hardback. What the blazes can those publishers be thinking?

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