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May 08, 2012



Thanks for blogging with the Femmes Fatales, Tom! Having trained with some boxers, I found this really interesting; it 's always fun to see behind the scenes. And I think most people think about fighters the way they do of writers: they hear "writer" and think "Stephen King-"grade money and fame.

Best of luck with the book!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Hey, Tom! Thanks so much for being here..I have to say--I don't get boxing.

I sat, open-mouthed, at Raging Bull. A terrific movie, but it takes such a different brain to be a fighter.

I love the weight question though--its like hey say you can know if someone is really clean and sober by asking how long--a real recovering addict will know to the day.

Good luck with your book! The cover is terrific.

Elaine Viets

Thanks for stopping by, Tom. Your blog is as informative as it is fascinating. Good luck with the book.


Thanks SO much for having me!


Thanks for blogging with the Femmes, Tom. Fascinating stuff! After watching a few Rocky movies, we think we know how it works. Thanks for sharing the true picture.

Donna Andrews

Tom, I'm still trying to get my mind around the idea of getting whacked in the head for $200 a round. I will stop complaining about how tough we writers have it. Playing "The Boxer" in your honor on my iTunes tonight (both the Simon and Garfunkel version and the Gypsy Wanderers cover.)

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