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June 26, 2012


(just a fan)

Weeping just a little here ... What a lovely story. And what lovely people you and Don are.

Elaine Viets

Thank you. This is a battle we can't win, but we'll fight it. We've lost too many of those we love to this evil disease.

Barb Goffman

Oh, Elaine. What a beautiful post. Our animals are our family. I can't even add up what I've spent on Scout. He's had cancer twice since I adopted him, a torn ACL, a splenectomy. When he got cancer that last time (his third cancer diagnosis over all), they gave him eight weeks. I wasn't giving up. I got him into a trial for a new form of chemotherapy, and it worked, and he's been cancer-free now for a few years. Oh, I'm crying as I type this. I love him so much. I can tell you and Don feel the same about Mystery. She's lucky to have you. And you her.

Elaine Viets

You and Scout sound like a pair of fighters, Barb. I'm glad he's still with you.


Mystery is a very lucky cat! And I'll bet he'll surprise everyone..:)

Elaine Viets

I hope so, William. Talking to other pet owners, they said to expect six months to three years. We've passed the six month mark and Mystery is now 8 years old. We hope she'll enjoy more birthdays.


Mystery is a SURVIVOR with such loving pet lovers, you and Don. Having a couple of similar experiences, I empathize with you on how far you will go to care for your beloved Mystery. She's family. I think I'm the same as you are. I'd spend as much as I could to get my cats healthier and keep a positive outlook. May Mystery live far past 8 years. Yes, she sure is young.

Elaine Viets

Cath, I can hear my practical German relatives spinning in their graves -- or shouting "That much money for a CAT!"
But couches don't purr and I can't hold one on my lap.


Elaine, I understand more than you can know. I have 3 rescued Boxers. Two of them are sisters and both have the cancer gene. They each have had things removed several times and one has lost a front leg to cancer. The third dog has a heart issue. Yes, it is all expensive. So far, I have been able to pay. And everyone is OK. The thing is, they are like babies. Spoiled rotten babies. I love them, and I think they love me. So, we are all in this together. I think that is what life is, doing what we can for those we love.


Elaine - my husband "spins his brain" when I tell him one of the cats is sick. I just don't tell him the cost. The appts. are most times when he's at work. I use my own cc and pay it from there, so it's my own bill for the cats. It's how I do it and it works. The less he sees, the household is fine. The cats get the best care.

Elaine Viets

You have our situation tripled, Annette. Good luck to you and your pack.
Cath, I once did a story about a massage parlor that billed clients for a restaurant. Maybe your vet could change the billing to "household repairs."

lil Gluckstern

Such a great story, and I'm so glad Mystery is doing so well. They are so much a part of our lives, and give so much.

Elaine Viets

Well said, Lil. Our house feels better with two cats.


Elaine, your line "Call Me Fluffy" had me laughing through my tears.
You are a lovely lady and I love Mystery..so beautiful.
God bless you and Don and Mystery!

Elaine Viets

Thanks, Marie. But I'm not entirely kidding. I wish my grandma had been treated as well as my cat.


"But couches don't purr and I can't hold one on my lap."

Amen, Elaine. So glad to hear that Mystery is doing well, making you, Don, and Harry happy.

Elaine Viets

Doing well? She ran through the house this morning and sounded like a herd of buffalo. Wish I had her energy.


I'm so glad Mystery is doing so well, Elaine! We're in the same place. Our dog Annabelle was diagnosed with lymphoma around three years ago. It's now been more than two years since she finished treatment, and she's still in remission. It cost us more than $8K, which we put on a credit card, and which we're still paying off. But I don't regret a penny of it. Every day with our angel is a gift. The vet told us we wouldn't get this much time, and now she's calling Annabelle cured. I'm not sure they really know what will happen in any individual case. I'm praying you get lots more extra time with your beloved cat, too, just as I'm praying we keep getting extra time.

Elaine Viets

Learning about Annabelle makes me feel better, Kris. When her weight dropped to 9.6 pounds we were sure she was not going to make it. Long life to both our pets -- and yes, Mystery has her own credit card.


I'm glad that Mystery is doing well and I hope she remains a part of your family for a long time.

Elaine Viets

Thanks, Shannon. So do we.

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