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July 08, 2012


Toni L.P. Kelner

"...when you get to read Seven Kinds of Hell in 2013 (boy, do I love saying that!)."

And boy do we enjoy hearing that!


Thanks, Toni!


This is the first time Hell will be Heaven! Looking forward to Seven Kinds of Hell in 2013!


John Krasinski's page said his wife is actress Emily Blunt. I loved her in Wild Target - she'd be a great Zoe! A smarter, funnier, better-looking Lara Croft!

If there are 7 kinds of hell, then Hugh Jackman and B. Cumberbatch could be written in somehow in one or more of them. Surely underlords or high-power diocese lawyers would be working down there.


Thank you, Joan!

Ooh, I like Emily Blunt, Mary! And regarding Messrs. Jackman and Cumberbatch: I'll see what I can do. It's a strong motivation!

Charlaine Harris

Some enchanted evening, you may see just the right face on your television screen. It'll be love at first sight. Your agent will talk to his/her agent. Movie magic will happen. We can dream.

Kelly Saderholm

I am soooo looking forward to these books and stories!

As for either Jackman or Cumberbatch- well. yeah.


Ah, Charlaine, from your mouth...

Thank you, Kelly!

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