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July 26, 2012



Excellent, Dean! My mother devoured mysteries of this era and so I began reading Sayers and Marsh very early in my life. OCD me would get a list of an authors work and work my way chronologically from first book to last. You have successfully reminded me that it is time to revisit them all! Thank you!

Dean James

Beth, I reread a couple of her books recently, and they were just as wonderful on retreading. I love doing this with old favorites from the Golden Age.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

I SO agree. I had a huge crush on Roderick Alleyn. And wanted to be Agatha Troy. (Great names, huh?")

And they really holdup!

What gorgeous covers..is the last picture one of those new editions? From..I forget the name, but they are terrific.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

I mean-- hold up. :-)

Dean James

Hank, yes they do hold up beautifully. the first picture is of my recently acquired British first edition of her first book, and the second is from the recent reprint.

Don Kenner

Nice post. Wonderful blog.

I'm rereading the Dorothy L. Sayers novels. I'll now have to add rereading Marsh's books to my bucket list. I'll fit them in among the Agatha Christie mysteries.

A surfeit of riches.


Lovely! Ngaio Marsh is a favorite of mine, along with Christie, Allingham, & Tey. Her expertise in theatre made her especially brilliant at tight plots & prose and colorful yet plausible characters. The mysteries I write (Croaked, Silent Night Violent Night) are very much in this vein, & also informed by a love of theatre. See www.boom-books.com -- Carol

Deb Romano

I loved Marsh's books. I think I owned all of them at one time. Over the years I donated books to libraries and Good Will, in order to make room for more books. I am really missing the books I donated! If I ever win the lottery, I think I will hire someone to come in to do some built in bookshelves!

It was interesting how I first heard of Ngaio Marsh: I was eating at the counter in a coffee shop back around 1980 and I overheard a woman telling a friend about some authors she enjoyed. Ngaio Marsh was the only one I had not heard of. Since I liked all the other authors the woman mentioned, I assumed I would like Marsh, too. (I just LOVE what I learn from eavesdropping!)


I'm with Hank: totally had a crush on Inspector Alleyn! Wonderful books--and your post makes me want to run back to read a flock of them, Dean!



I have only read some of her short stories and have been meaning to read the books. Thanks for this great reminder!

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