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July 17, 2012


Bill Peschel

We're the blind describing an elephant. I've published professional (Penguin) and self-published, and know at least three writers who are also self-publishing with varying success.

There's also plenty of professional feel-gooders eager to reassure writers for a price that self-publishing will make you rich.

And you could self-publish and promote your book relentlessly, but if it's done in the wrong places, you won't have the same amount of success as someone who happened to hit the right spots at the right time.

One thing that I think is true is that this is a transformative time, and what you think of as the rules is no longer so. And any decision, any plan you make, will be better than no plan at all.

Marcia Talley

And sadly, Tony, big New York publishers don't know anything either!!

Marcia Talley

Er, sorry, I meant Toni!

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