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August 19, 2012


Elaine Viets

Somewhere in the hall closet I buried my first attempt at a serial killer novel. In the words of my beloved editor "You're not Thomas Harris." I never wrote another serial killer novel again.


Hank, I am so happy that your new novel release is just around the corner.
At one point in my life I declared to my father that I wanted to be a lounge singer. He said "No, that would not be a good choice for you." What can I say..fathers can be deal breakers in our life choices.
However as a little old lady in suburbia, I still have the urge to grab my feather boa and sing. Or maybe, I will just right about it. All the best, Hank!!

lil Gluckstern

Just look at you now. I'm so excited to read your book. Btw, the idea was good, if you ever feel like learning golf.

Deb Romano

Oh,gee. What have I learned from my mistakes? Some are so memorable and the memoriies are so humiliating! A long time ago I told myself that at the end of the most trying days I would try to find a way to see the humor in the absolute worst thing that happened to me that day. At the very least, if I can't come up with anything else, I tell myself that "some day you will be able to laugh at this". I think I have been successful with that. My most humiliating moment was auditioning for an elite choral group in college - and having NOTHING resembling a human voice come out of my mouth. I walked into that room with a voice. When I auditioned, I sounded like someone whose laryngitis had laryngitis. And I knew the choral director, because he was the director of a choral group that I already belonged to, one that did NOT require an audition. It wasn't as though I would never see this person again. (Add to this that I was VERY shy and it took a friend's prodding for me to get up the courage to even THINK about auditioning.) The floor refused to cooperate with me when I wanted it to open up and swallow me. But I DID survive,and I laugh at this memory now...although for well over thirty years I completely forgot about it. I think the memory only resurfaced because I had finally reached the point where I could laugh at it!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Marie, I think "lounge singer" is a fine professional choice. And hey, go for it! The boa is a great touch..oxoxo


Golf always foes it for me.

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