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August 07, 2012


Pam aka SisterZip

Oh, how I wish they had the resale shops (other than Goodwill or the Salvation Army shops) when my (now 27yo) daughter was little. She was always the tallest in the class and I would outfit the entire neighborhood every year. What didn't fit on one, went to the other. Very frustrating!

Elaine Viets

Resale shops are so much better now, Pam. Alan is a genius when it comes to shopping for the Princesses.

Alan P.

Pam, point your daughter to the upscale resale shops. St. Louis has several that specialize in work clothes. Brooks Brothers and other career apparel, can be had for half price or better.

Being able to look at brands online on my phone is a big help.

Elaine Viets

It's interesting that you're wary of outlet malls, Alan, for your girls. Do you feel the same way about outlets for adult clothes?

lil Gluckstern

I think this is great. when my kids were young, I lived in an enclave of young mothers. We traded clothes back and forth, so grandma's gifts had an unusually long shelf life. That was 45 years ago. Today we have resale shops which I think are great!


During one of my early pregnancies I found excellent dresses, etc. at Swap Meets. I went to work with wonderful clothes.
Later, I was able to buy good named toys for my kids..whole kitchen sets and Fisher Price items.
Alas, Swap meets became sites for new items and bargains are hard to find now.
If you have shopped in the higher priced stores you have trained yourself to have good taste and save money later on bargains.

Alan P.

Outlet Malls

You really need to know the regular prices to shop the Outlet Malls!

You can find good deals, but you have to really know what the regular price is. The St. Louis Mills has some deals and some not so much. I love the Croc outlet store. We can usually get shoes for under $20 a pair. Sometimes under $10. The Sketchers Outlet has the same price as any of the discount places, just last years styles. Gymboree and Children's Place have good selections of new clothes at $5 to $8 a piece at the Mills, the same price as the malls, but a much bigger selection.

The other thing at Outlet Malls, they sometimes have higher tax rates. The Lake District Tax (Lake Ozark, MO) ate up my savings the last time I was at the Lake. The Lake of the Ozarks has the "Florida view" of taxes. "We tax tourists".

Alan P.

BTW those four shirts are Banana Republic, Tony Bahama, Perry Ellis and Three Dots. List price, $175. I paid less than $20.

Elaine Viets

Alan, you have researched this to a science. I am in awe.


Alan, thanks so much for sharing these tips with the Femmes Fatales! I hate shopping, and am in awe of anyone who can do it well Bravo!

Elaine Viets

Ditto for me, Dana. Alan's level of shopping takes research and patience.

Alan P.

You should have seen the diaper comparison spreadsheet in my phone to price diapers.

Putting the hard sciences to use.

Elaine Viets

Now I'm really impressed. You should be teaching high school math classes. Sure beats those word problems: "If Farmer Brown sells six quarts of tomatoes for 35 cents . .."

Marcia Talley

Alan, I'm going to pass this information on to my husband who is seriously trying to lose weight and wondering how he can afford a whole new wardrobe when he reaches his goal 40 pounds from now!

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