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August 24, 2012


Storyteller Mary

Wishing you better days in which the laughs come more easily. The laughter yoga instructors say that even forced laughter helps the body, so your jokes may be helping even more than you know.


Oh, Toni, your work is absolutely worthwhile. When the world out there is even more off-kilter then usual, yes, lots of people need the silly bones jokes. :) And when the outside world is rosy and one big happy family (it could happen) there will still be people who have troubles. They will see Sid on the book cover and know they can escape for a while.

I love Maggie's Sid. Team Kelner does it again!

Don Kenner

Nice post. Keep in mind that mysteries (including, if not especially, cozy and humorous ones) give people respite from those very troubles and concerns you listed.

Deb Romano

I rely on people like you to help me get my mind off the things I cannot control. Keep at it!

Charlaine Harris

All I can say is, Me, too!

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