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August 31, 2012


Karen in Ohio

A year or so ago a friend who lived through the nightmare flooding in Nashville blogged about being better prepared for disasters. She posted a lot of information on making "go bags" for each family member, and what sort of thing one needs to have on hand.

I used that blog as a jumping off point to prepare my own "go bags", and to stock a few things in our home and at our trailer at the farm (where we have a basement, oddly). We live in a tornado-prone area, and it could someday be necessary to use these.

I have two five-gallon water jugs at each location, and refresh the water in them twice a year. We also have a solar/batter/hand crank radio (Red Cross sells a good one), gel candles, waterproof matches, and a good-quality first aid kit, along with those aluminum blankets and a dried food supply. LED flashlights are good, too.

In a pinch we could survive for three days with what I have prepared for. We also have a gasoline generator, which helped keep three refrigerators going (ours and neighbors') after Hurricane Camille came all the way to Ohio and knocked out our power. Our power came back on after 11 hours, but our two closest neighbors didn't get theirs back for a week.

I would also add at least one change of clothes, another pair of shoes or boots, depending on the time of year, and maybe gloves, hats, and jackets.

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