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August 14, 2012



Hi, Dean. Good to see you, and an intriguing look at your process.

Ideas comes from anywhere. And everywhere. And nowhere. The fun part is getting them down on paper (or these days, screen) and seeing how it all shakes out.

Sometimes, things take a left turn when you as the writer had everyone going right in your concept. That's when things get really fun...:)


Speaking of the screen, the Wanda Nell books would make GREAT movies or a TV mini-series. What wonderful characters, and of course the same goes for Simon K-J's books. Love them. Wouldn't they make fun BBC productions for Mystery!?

Story ideas start for me with a place and a special situation at that place. I think. It's a murky, nebulous swirly area. But I think those are the more solid pieces that the rest are built on.

Charlaine Harris

Maybe Wanda Nell can move to Bon Temps. She'd fit right in, and Simon can come visit Bill. I always enjoy your world, no matter where they come from.


For me it's the voice of a character, and she tells me something of her circumstances in her unique voice. I reject some of them, after which they stay silent. The best of them come back at me, with more about their situation in more of their engaging voice. Eventually, I give in. The mystery rarely enters the picture at first.

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