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September 18, 2012


Terry Ambrose

Thanks Hank for having me on Femme Fatales today! And thanks for posting the trailer for PHOTO FINISH. I hope everyone enjoys it! I'll stick around to answer any comments or questions.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Thanks, Terry! I'd love to hear more about NLP...can you give us a little more insight? Fascinating!

Dee DeTarsio

Way to 'hang'em on a telephone wire,' Terry!

Terry Ambrose

Hi Hank, my bad, I dropped the acronym without explaining the term! Shame on me!

NLP is neurolinguistic programming, a methodology for improved communications. I learned about NLP back when it was still very young. It involves everything that con men have known about for centuries: eye movements, facial expressions and coloring, posture, and more. It's a fascinating practice (I hesitate to call it a science because there's a lot of controversy around that) but is one that any writer who deals with cons and scams should look into.

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