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September 21, 2012


Susan Neace

It was 1970, it was nearly 1:00 a.m. and I was on my way to pick up my husband when he finished playing (musician) I was driving his little Kharman Gia, on a one way street where the lights were timed so if you were driving the right speed, you would hit all the lights on green. There were a couple of guys in a big car in the next lane, also timing the lights so the noses of our two cars were roughly level as we drove. As we approached the next light, a voice I have never heard said in my head, "people run that light sometimes" and I was shocked and hit the brakes, dropping the Gia back a car length behind the other car. As the other car (still on a green light) crossed the intersection, another big car ran the red light, hit the car I had been next to, and threw it into my lane. I stopped the Gia before it hit the two cars now blocking the intersection, where I would have been creamed but for the voice. It has never happened again. I have no explanation.

Skipper Hammond

When we were kids, we looked for and found mysterious phenomena like the warning voice and blaring TV. Wish I could still find them; they're so much fun.


Susan, reading your story gave me a chill. Someone was sure looking out for you.


Skipper, I'll leave finding them to you, okay? I'll hope they come to you instead of me. ;)

Elaine Viets

Good blog,Kris. Wen I worked as a hotel maid, we had a "trouble room." That was the room with the suicide, the couple who had loud fights, the woman who caught her husband cheating on her. We wondered why -- maybe because it was on the top at the top of a staircase.
Looking for a logical explanation: was there a short in the ghostly TV on/off switch?


Elaine, you're right -- it must have been a short. It does weird me out to know certain hotel rooms have bad mojo.

Joe Neri

Not an electrical short, not unless it was on a timer to turn the TV on at the same time every night.

I'm going with the paranormal explanation!

Storyteller Mary

On the Delta Queen in 2004, I slept the first night in the lounge, because our little cabin had mold from water damage, and I couldn't breathe . . . very allergic. As I tried to sleep, I heard some interesting sounds, four knocks about every 30 seconds. I saw a picture of Captain Mary Becker Greene hanging near my refuge. She looked like someone it would be fun to know. The ship’s info sheet the next day featured rumors that Captain Mary’s presence is still felt on the boat . . . perhaps looking out for a female passenger in distress. There is much information on Captain Mary, one of the first female pilots of a riverboat. She allowed no liquor to be served on the boat; after her death, that rule was changed, and the bar section was struck by a boat, the Mary B!

Marcia Talley

Oooooooooh, Kris. Your post made the hair stand up on my arms! Spooooo-keee! A perfect story for Hallowe'en.


Mary, that experience would totally weird me out! Hard to find a logical explanation for that, too.

Thanks, Marcia.

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