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September 27, 2012


Skipper Hammond

General impression based on quick survey of photos on blogs: authors prefer cats. Perhaps because they are more talented on the keyboard.


Hmmm - I seem to have sent my long biog by mistake instead of the short one. That's a lot of "me, me, me, darling"! Sorry.

lil Gluckstern

Charming as are the royalty!

Donna Andrews

Hey, I love the bio, and now they know you and we can do the short bio next time you visit!

Dennis and Rachel are beauties, and Harry is adorable.

I grew up with cats myself, but have now found out that I'm allergic, so if I get a pet it will have to be a dog. And I didn't used to think I liked dogs until I started getting to know some of my friends' dogs. I should post a blog with their pictures soon.


Thanks for blogging with the Fatales, Catriona! What gorgeous kitties (my Kaylee and Zoe approve)! I'm a sucker for pictures of cats sitting in things that weren't made for cats to sit in, so thanks for sharing!


I'm probably a bit more of a dog person, but I've always had both and I've loved all my fur babies like crazy. When you have both it becomes clear that, while their styles are different, dogs train us to be their slaves just as much as cats do. Good post!


Rachel's nickname is basket-case -if she can squeeze in, she is in. Kris, dog AND cat people amaze me. It's like you're . . . well-adjusted.

Marcia Talley

Catriona, what a perfect name for a cat-lover, LOL. Loved your blog.

You've probably seen this video about why cats rule, dogs drool, but if not, it's good for many laughs.


Charlaine Harris

I became a dog person when my husband proved to be allergic to cats. (Really, I'm a mammal person.) Our four dogs are all different personalities and sizes and behaviors . . . but it would be lovely to have a cat.

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