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September 25, 2012



You treat your trees nearly as well as I do my dog!

Elaine Viets

Pets and plants make a house feel like a home, Molly. And I don't have to walk the tree.

Storyteller Mary

I will admit that you are a better plant hostess than I am. I enjoy plants, and they clean the air as well as adding color. However, if they are too difficult, I let them go, sometimes with regret, as I did with the big citrus plant from orange and grapefruit seeds my great nieces and nephews planted after breakfast. It got big when I started putting it out on my sunny balcony in the summer. It didn't thrive after the move, too much shade from the big hickory trees. I finally let it stay outside, knowing that it would be its last year.
The general rule in my house is watering once a week, and the plants that stay are the ones who enjoy that routine . . .

Marcia Talley

I've love your ficus! It's a survivor. My role model!!

Elaine Viets

I think, Marcia and Mary, that the ficus became a symbol of myself -- we'd both survived hard times and now, by heaven, I'm going to bring it back.
Don doesn't care about it the same way. To him, a vegetable is a vegetable, in a pot or on a plate.

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