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October 18, 2012


Elaine Viets

Welcome to the Femmes, Joelle. I think I'm mostly as tall as you. But if you hang around with petite people, you won't be mostly tall -- you'll be truly tall.


Hi, Joelle - Oh what I would give for Mostly Tall. :)

What fun books. And congrats on the new YA series. Does it have paranormal elements? Or Sci-Fi?

Donna Andrews

I always wanted to be Really Tall. Five foot twelve, as my friend Tracey used to call herself. Or petite, like my friend Twyla. Alas, I have always had to settle for In Between.

Looking forward to the YA!

Joelle Charbonneau

Hi Mary! The YA is a sci-fi series. It is completely different from my other series, which I admit makes me more than a little nervous. I hope people like it.

Neliza Drew

You and I are the same height. I have not let that keep me out of heels. You might need a taller posse.


After hating my six-foot height for-pretty-much-ever, I read this quote in the Washington Post from 6'1" olympic gold medalist swimmer Missy Franklin: "I am so blessed. I have height, the big feet, the big hands; I think all of that has helped me so much.”

And then I cried a little bit for the teenager I was who never had a reason to like being tall, with big feet. Because it really is a blessing if you find a way to use it :)

Deb Romano

I think height is all in the mind. For the first eleven or twelve years of my life I was a good head taller than most of the girls at school and many of the boys. In sixth grade I was 5'5". And that is approximately when I stopped growing. I didn't stop thinking of myself as tall, though, until I was around fifty, even though by then I was down to 5'4", am shorter than most of my friends, and have been buying clothes in the petite department for years! One of my grandmothers was under five feet. She used to make a big deal about us "being almost as tall as I am", so of course we thought we were tall when we surpassed her in height! (I AM getting a little nervous,though, because a couple of friends who are clearly taller than I am tell me that they are 5'4". What does that make ME?I may need to rethink my whole self-image!)

Kris Neri

Welcome to the Femmes, Joelle. At 5'5" I guess I'm average, although I often buy petite pants, so maybe I'm shrinking. Many years ago when I first met my in-laws, who were small people, I not only felt tall, I felt as big and bulky as a linebacker by comparison, although looking back, I must have been fairly slender. It's funny, and probably sad, how uncomfortable many of us are with our physical forms. I like to think I've come to feel pretty comfortable in my skin now, but it took a while.

Skipper Hammond

Nice introduction to yourself on Femmes Fatales, Joelle. A unique way to reveal something about what makes you tick.
All my life I've had dreams about growing taller in my sleep. If I bump my head against the headboard or kick the footboard, I incorporate that into my dream. Or sometimes I stretch in my sleep and know I'll be taller when I wake.

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