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October 12, 2012


Bill Peschel

The "no politics" rule can apply to authors as well. Unless you're a politically oriented author, I have absolutely no interest in your rants, and I've "unsubscribed" from authors for that reason.

Donna Andrews

A good point, Bill, although I think it's important to figure out whether the author is speaking on his or her author page or as an individual. I think if you sign up to be an author's friend, as opposed to liking their author page, you shouldn't be surprised if they occasionally express opinions that might be contrary to yours.

And yes, that unsubscribe button is precisely the tool you need for author rants, too.

lil Gluckstern

I "like" your post.:) I don't get the bad grammar for cute cat pictures either, and I hate political rants. I'm going to have to look for those buttons.

Donna Hawk

I use an add-in that allows me to block all posts containing particular key words, as well as make that pesky dual column Timeline go away. I don't have it installed on my phone browser, so the difference between the two experiences is quite striking.


Kristina L

I think one thing that must be tough about being in the public eye is that things written on Facebook can come back in not such a good way. I can understand that a fan may feel less like a fan of an author, etc. if the fan disagrees about politics.

I'm not in the public eye but I have a lot of friends on FB with various political and religious views, so I try to keep anything I post fairly light.

I wish there was a way to block political postings. Even some of the ones I agree with are irritating.

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