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October 21, 2012


Elaine Viets

Definitely Catwoman. You can wear black, cat ears and cute whiskers, Hank.

Marcia Talley

I vote for Kathleen Turner in Body Heat, my favorite mystery movie of all time. {fanning myself}

Charlaine Harris

Morticia of the Addams Family is a true Femme Fatale.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Morticia! Brilliant.ALl about the wig..and a slinky black dress...

KAthleen Turner can just be a white shirt., kinda unbuttoned, and pencil skirt, right?

Catwoman-- wouldn't it be funny to like, get it wrong? And just bring in a bunch of cats?

Keith Raffel

Barbara Stanwyck in Double Indemnity. That poor sucker Fred MacMurray never had a chance.

Storyteller Mary

Hmm, you do have a head start on the Femme Fatale theme . . . Scheherazade (many possible spellings) is one of my favorites also, though she's more of an anti-fatale . . .
You could be The Other Woman with a red coat . . . but you are probably too modest for that.
Wiki has many, including Jessica Rabbit,
and reminded me obliquely, with reference to asymmetrical love affairs, of Gatsby's Daisy . . . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Femme_fatale
I know you'll look stunning -- photos perhaps?

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, Mary, so funny, it never crossed my mind to wear a red coat! Would that be funny? Or--pushy?

Oh, Daisy Buchanan...hmmm....

thank you! xxo

Keith..It would be great fun to be Barbara Stanwyck..Ill have to get out the shoulder pads. And stockings with seams.


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