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October 29, 2012


Donna Andrews

The costumes. Followed by the scary stories, and oh, post-Halloween candy sales are pretty awesome.

Here's hoping Sandy clear our area in time for the kids here to have a festive Halloween!


I like the scary movies first and then the candies. Halloween isn't the same as it was when I was much younger.


What a cute Blues Brothers picture! He's a doll. My favorite part is seeing the little bitty trick-or-treaters, absolutely.

Our neighborhood is BIG on Halloween. Every year, there are a couple of hay wagon shuttles that the kids (and tired parents) can ride up and down our street. Since it's very well-lit and nice and flat, most people walk though. Lots of fun to see the kids and talk to neighbors we wouldn't otherwise see.

No scary movies for me, thanks. I'm too young and impressionable. :)

Neliza Drew

Costumes. I love any excuse to dress up.

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