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October 27, 2012


Marcia Talley

My first hurricane was in Fredericksburg, VA -- 1954, Hazel. Pretty exciting. I went out during the eye to buy some ice cream at High's down the street, thinking it was over, and my parents went totally ape.

We had plenty of big storms in Taipei when I lived there. Typhoons -- literally "big wind." Those were pretty exciting, too, particularly as all the sewers were open drainage ditches.

Donna Andrews

The first one I remember was Hurricane Donna, when I was very small. It knocked out power for a week, and my friends teased me about it for years, calling me "Hurricane Donna."


Growing up in NJ, I remember us being socked by Hurricane Donna, too. I didn't have any awareness of a hurricane before that -- maybe there weren't any that were still that strong by the time they made it north. I remember my mother standing by the kitchen window, with tears streaming down her face, as the trees she loved viewing in the yard were being yanked out of the ground like weeds. Having lived through many earthquakes since then, including one that required rebuilding our house over the course of a year, I think there's nothing like a natural disaster to show us how small and helpless we are.

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