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October 18, 2012


Marcia Talley

What fun! I just posted the gawd-awful matron of honor dress I wore at my sister Katie's wedding. Big leg-of-mutton sleeves, empire waist -- thank goodness you can't see the enormous hair bow clamped to the back of my head with several hundred bobby pins!

Elaine Viets

Readers, you can see Marcia's dress at elaineviets.com.
What can I say, Marcia? Except I've seen worse. In fact, I've worn worse. The photos of me in pink ruffles and a tiny lace jacket have thankfully disappeared.


Aw schucks -- I have a beautiful bridesmaid dress but I don't get to wear it until April. We were lucky, the bride's only rules were that the dress be in a rainbow color (no pastels or black) and that we picked the same dress. Since there are only two of us bridesmaids, the whole thing took about 30 minutes. Much better than my other three turns at the wheel where I didn't get a choice in anything.

Elaine Viets

Sounds like you have a smart, thoughtful bride. Lucky you. Any photos of those three loser (maybe winner) dresses?
You could enter them.

Storyteller Mary

No bridesmaid dresses here. The closest I came was my friend's outdoor wedding, planned as a hippy-ish picnic event until her older female relatives took over and made it slightly more formal. I hadn't packed dresses, so I wore my favorite jeans with India-print patches. She wanted a "reading" of some sort, and all I could think of on the spot was from Fiddler -- "to life! and if our good fortune never comes, here's to whatever comes." She loved it! I think her relatives were scandalized . . .
I do have a photo of the jeans somewhere, if you want it.

Elaine Viets

Sure, upload the jeans, Mary.
And tell your friends. Maybe they'll buy a book for you with that $100 if they win.

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