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November 08, 2012


Storyteller Mary

Gorgeous!! I love the Jewel Box! I was very excited to see its mention in _Glass Menagerie_ when we read it in high school. Now it will appear in another famous literary work!
You make me want to visit some of these spots again soon . . . and I can't wait for the book!


What beautiful spots! My favorite is the place where the actual wedding took place. How great that you were able to create a Josie Marcus wedding tour for your fans, Elaine. Looking forward to reading it.

Elaine Viets

The Jewel Box really is the jewel of the city's Forest Park, Mary.
What I like most about it is ordinary people can afford to rent it.

Elaine Viets

If I was getting married again -- and believe, I'm not -- I'd love to have a Jewel Box wedding, Kris. It's so light and airy inside.

Alan Portman

My daily commute takes me through Forest Park and past the Jewel Box. In the summer you can see two or three weddings posing out side. Thursday afternoon and Saturdays are wedding picture central at the base of Art Hill.

Will be picking up a copy next week!

Elaine Viets

Thanks, Alan. I hope you'll enjoy "Murder Is a Piece of Cake."
I can see the princesses posing for pictures at the Jewel Box in not too many years.

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