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December 06, 2012


Dean James

Cary Grant and Rock Hudson ... both drop dead gorgeous (to me, anyway), and both very funny! Think "Bringing Up Baby" (Grant) and "Pillow Talk" (Hudson).


No, not actors. Comedians. Guys who write their own material. (Agree about those two, btw,)

Karen in Ohio

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; to me, Gene Wilder was such a darling, and so funny, always in a gentle way. Steve Martin is another very good-looking and funny guy.

But so were Carole Lombard, Judy Holliday, Mary Tyler Moore, Lucille Ball, and so many more--all funny, and all beautiful. And of course, the gorgeous Catriona McPherson is one hilariously amusing chick!

Generalities: they are the stuff guys like Hitchens thrive on. Not worth worrying about, as far as I'm concerned.


Hmmmm - not sure Gene Wilder would pass the Keanu Reeves/Cary Grant test i.e. could he have become rich snd famous without another string to his bow.


Woops - don't know where the rest of my comment went. Karen, only Lucille Ball was a comic out of that list - the rest were actors. I'm seriously trying to work this out. If Steve Martin could have become a star without being funny then my theory is shot unless Lucille Ball could have too. I don't think either would have made it without the laughs. A comic with the looks of . . . Julia Roberts or Bradley Cooper ???

Karen in Ohio

I disagree, dear. You have some seriously unglamorous actors around, like Benicio del Toro, Steve Buscemi, William H. Macy, Danny DeVito, well...

Here's an actual web page with a list of "ugly" actors: http://ravivora.com/blog/ugly-actors-you-know-and-love

But of course, as I said before, beauty is a subjective concept. I am not personally drawn to Bradley Cooper. :-)


Aha! I'm getting there - thanks Karen and Miranda for your help. Shallow Guy Truth goes like this: "I only find beauty attractive. I don't find wit attractive. Only women who attract me actually exist. Therefore women aren't funny."

It's related to "women aren't interested in guys like me." = Shallow Guy Truth 2. "Hot women who're as shallow as I am want hot guys. I'm not hot. Nice women women want nice guys. I'm not nice. I don't want the shallow ugly nasty woman I deserve. Poor lonely me."


Karen, acting talent counts like designing cathedrals. Imagine if William H Macey had the talent of poor pretty wooden Keanu!

And I'm making a distinmction between attractive (for me = clever, funny, kind and don't care if you look like a rutabaga) and objectively beautiful (= smooth, symmetrical, perfectly formed).

Aimee Hix

*ahem* I am beautiful (my husband, daughter and friends will tell you this is true) and I am HYSTERICALLY funny (anyone who has met me will tell you this is true) ... myth busted. :)

Clare O'Donohue

I performed improv in Chicago for several years. This topic was discussed an insane amount. Even right after a man laughed at something I said he'd ask "Are women funny?" So, of course, I'd punch him, answering the "Are women violent?" question as well.

Karen in Ohio

Attagirl, Clare.


Oh, Clare. You rest my case!

Dean James

Catriona, guess I was thinking comic actors rather than comedians. What about ventriloquists? Jeff Dunham is hilarious and very handsome.

Lil Gluckstern

Women can be very funny, as this blog demonstrates :)
Great topic.


Not sure Jeff D could just stand there (like Channing Tatum) and still make a living. Lil - shucks (assuming you're including me).

Jess Lourey

I remember reading the original Christopher Hitchens article. Believe it was titled something like, "Men Are Funnier than Women." My favorite comment in the comments section was from a man who wrote, "Talk about a thesis which disproves itself."


Charlaine Harris

So what you're saying is . . . people who are beautiful don't develop their other talents because simply being beautiful is enough? Is that part of your issue? This is something I think about from time to time. Though I can think of several exceptions to that rule without even working hard.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Catriona, you're so funny.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

And Karen in Ohio, I once asked someone "Who the heck is Bradley Cooper?" And I wasn't even trying to be funny.


See I can't actually think of any exceptions at all when I restrict it to "beauty" rather than "attractiveness". Beauty meaning "could have been a star without being able to act or could have been a perfume model without needing an airbrush".

I really do think it's another example of shallow men restricting the category "woman" to include only "attractive women" and restricting "attractiveness" to include only "beauty".

Do that bit of fancy footwork and "women aren't funny" becomes magically true!

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