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December 28, 2012


Nancy Roessner

I know how beautiful your photos are! I'd love to have one of your calendars.

Jean McRae

Can't ever have enough calandars....hope you and yours have a Terrrific Happy New Years, Be Safe, and just remember, we have another year to work on more resolutions :)


I would love one of your calendars! I have been following your 365 project and even attempted it myself. It was neat to see where I was during various times in the last year. Sadly, I couldn't keep up, but perhaps that will be next years goal!

Charlaine Harris

You're a great photographer, Donna, and my hat is off to you since you are also Mistress of Technology . . . at least compared to moi.


I have actually had 3 photographer boyfriends and my husband wanted to be a large format photohrapher before he died 6 years ago. I love pictures and the people who capture them so you know I'd love a calander!
I love telling the story of the shot and love listening to other people tell about their experiences and their photos. I still have my grandparents carousel and all their slides. Wish I had their voices explaining them to us. Dream fodder.

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