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December 03, 2012


Hank Phillippi Ryan

Yes, CHarlaine, I totally get this. I do the same thing. It's almost like--method acting.

And isn't it amazing when what happens surprises ou? I mean--how can that be?

Donna Andrews

I've been known to act out dialogue. I've learned not to do it in public--particularly not in the car.

Charlaine Harris

I'm always surprised when I answer the door at Sookie's house. I don't know, Hank; the mind is mysterious. Which is appropriate. Donna, I got my karate class to act out fight scenes, years ago when I was a Machine of Death.

Donna Andrews

My kenpo instructor was going to teach me and his other student (very small class, that) how to do some moves with belts. Since I rarely wore belts, I asked it these moves would work well with a long-strapped shoulder bag. My instructor was inspired, and had me bring an old purse--one I didn't care if we broke--for our next lesson. I think he taught some of variations he developed the next time he gave a session at a kenpo gathering, and for me--well, that's where I got the Purse Fu that appears in Crouching Buzzard, Leaping Loon.

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