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January 08, 2013


Storyteller Mary

Oh, I want to do this!! . . . and you look adorable!

Terrie Farley Moran

I saw the African Queen in Key Largo when she was just hanging out. So glad she is afloat once more.

Elaine Viets

Mary and Terrie, this trip is definitely worth taking when you're in Key Largo. I loved the binder of unpublished photos and Captain Lance is a good talker.

Karen in Ohio

What fun, especially to reenact that scene of pouring out the gin. Because of your posts about this on Facebook I finally watched the movie last month. What an amazing movie it is, too.

Please tell Captain Lance that the correct term is "Canada goose". It's a species name, not a nationality. :-)

Lil Gluckstern

How marvelous. It's a treat just to read about it!

Elaine Viets

Thanks for goosing my memory, Karen. You're right and I'm sure the mistake was mine.

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