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January 16, 2013



I agree. I'm finishing off a cold just now too and have felt pretty rubbish for the last two days. I've got a theory about this (yes, another one): lots of people forget how ill a cold can make you feel so if they feel ill they call it flu. So if you call it a cold you think you should soldier on, because when was the last time a little cold felled someone?

Donna Andrews

Precisely! And there's also the danger that when you have a cold your immunity is dampened, so you're much likelier to get the flu. Or anything else that's going around.


I used to go to work every day reguardless of how I felt. I would tell my minimum amount of dancers to also be there or call in dead. Changing the choreography was a real bitch with no understudies.
But if you have a job where people won't die if you stay home and get well, like an airplane pilot, then don't go in.
Saw Cirque last night. Wonder what those performers do when they don't feel well?

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