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January 29, 2013


Elaine Viets

Good blog, Terry, though many men consider Valentine's Day itself to be a scam.

Terry Ambrose

Hi Elaine, I never thought of that, but I may have to consider an article for my Crime and Courts column about the Valentine's Day scam!

Nancy Cohen

It always pays to go directly to the merchant online to confirm offers rather than clicking on links.

Terry Ambrose

Indeed, Nancy, that's good advice. Sometimes it would be just sooo tempting to click that link...

Storyteller Mary

Elaine, so funny! Having no "significant other," I've usually considered V.Day a necessary prelude to "half-price chocolate day." This year, for a change, I'm doing a CD give-away on my web site. Ann Landers always advised giving to others as a remedy . . .

Rockaway Beach OR Hotels

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and these tips are just on time for romantic consumers. If you're looking to buy a Valentine, you may be a target to scammers, so beware.

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