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February 26, 2013


Storyteller Mary

I have avoided scented products and perfumes for years. I even asked my students to use my unscented lotion while in my classroom and save their expensive products for other times -- free lotion, sure, they were happy to comply.
I discovered I could tolerate citrus scents, and then when Better Life added natural lavender and sage to their cleaning products, those were fine also . . . florals and chemical scents, not so much . . . it seems that results are much better when we stay closer to nature.

Storyteller Mary

I am looking forward to reading Death Drops!

catriona mcpherson

Chrystle - just these pictures alone would feel like an hour's meditation. Beautiful!

Elaine Viets

Welcome back, Chrystle. I'm a great fan of sandalwood, but it seems to be harder to find. Lavender & green tea is a real treat for a tea lover.

Donna Andrews

I used to think I hated lavender. Then I smelled some real lavender essential oil and realized what I hated was some kind of cheap, powdery-smelling ingredient that appeared in colognes that had little or no real lavender. Now it's one of my favorite scents, and I am trying to grow it. Glad to know it's good for so much of what ails us.

Chrystle Fiedler

Thanks to everyone for stopping by! I love the photos too. It is important to use a good quality essential oil for sure. I've bought a half a dozen bottles and my diffuser from Floracopia and it's all excellent quality.

I don't know about you but I live in the North East - on the eastern end of Long Island and I can't wait until I can smell lavender and roses in my garden!


Welcome back, Chrystle. Great post. I like lavender, lemon and anise. the right essential oil really can alter your mood. Looking forward to the new book.


Chrystle, thanks for being with us again and for the Floracopia link. The spritzer idea is so simple - gotta try that! Cute puppy, BTW. :)

Dana Cameron

Thanks for blogging with the Femmes Fatales, Chrystle! Catriona's right: the pics are gorgeous! And I am another fan of lavender.

Chrystle Fiedler

Thanks so much everyone for taking the time to stop by! The winner of my giveaway is Storyteller Mary! Please send your address to me at: [email protected]. :D

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