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February 25, 2013



I love this blog, Elaine!
I would have to nominate DH.
So far, he has convinced me that the dishwasher fills and empties itself.
The kitchen is an apparition that appears at mealtime and disappears just before the clearing of the table.
There is still hope. I am hoping to be nominated as a long-suffering spouse of 49 years..like that's going to happen.
I do not have to pretend happiness because I am still in love after all these years..with my dishwasher, you say? No, silly, with DH!!

Elaine Viets

Love is magic, Marie. Enjoy your disappearing kitchen and true love.

catriona mcpherson

Ha-ha! Loved this. But I'm very envious that you get to loll around in bed until 7. Ours start the bad cat/worse cat double act at 5.

Mare F


Elaine Viets

Five in the morning, Catriona? That's when you'd see an Olympic cat toss. I don't do mornings.

Donna Andrews

Most ingenious excuse for not eating your vegetables: one of my nephews told me with great seriousness that vegetables and ice cream didn't go to the same place in your stomach, so it was quite reasonable to have no room for vegetables and still eat two desserts. He had me convinced.

Elaine Viets

That's true, isn't it?


Love this post, Elaine! My monster cat Philly tops your Mystery by a couple of pounds. He's big boned. We both use that excuse.

Elaine Viets

Don says that about Mystery, Kris. I told him there are no belly bones.

Dana Cameron

Right now, my Kaylee is competing with Mystery for Best Performance by a Starving Cat. It's that pathetic half-mew, that fades as if she's also fading, that gets me. Especially when she's got a pound on Mystery.

Elaine Viets

The winner will be whoever can sway the judges' felines . . . er, feelings.

Marcia Talley

We have two cats visiting the island house right now, and "Dickie," the one with the notched ear (indicating she's been fixed) is the talking cat. "Hell-oooh," she says, and "Oh, oh, oh ..." We think she's auditioning for a Friskies ad.

Elaine Viets

Grab that cat now, Marcia, and she'll keep you fed for the the rest of your life. Picture yourself retiring on your own Caribbean island, bought by your loving cat.

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