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March 07, 2013


Hope Martin

If you want more snow I have some I can send you!!!

Karen in Ohio

Bluebirds at your feeder! Fabulous, Donna.

Elaine Viets

Love the photos, Donna. I do miss northern springs, but I'd rather look at your pictures than slog through winter.

Donna Andrews

Hope, I don't want TOO much more snow. Just enough to be photogenic. I'd settle for a steady supply of bluebirds.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Three little words:

Diana Jones

It must be great to live where there are actually four seasons! Here in So. Calif., we have one and a half, lol. Today it is off and on rainy, not a common occurrence, but needed. When it's not raining there are BIG puffy clouds and bright blue skies, with the sun shinning thru. Oh and Hank, about the ducks, we have winter visitors, Canada Geese, love them. However some are lazy, and have chosen to remain here all year around. I find that a bit odd, you would think that they would leave when the weather warms up. Oh well, love them anyway. Hugs to all and happy Spring.

Renton Auto Repair

I love spring. This is the time when I get to spend some quality time with kids. :)

catriona mcpherson

Beautiful! But anthropomorphised trees still scare me (Wizard of Oz!) I miss my old springs - snowdrops-crocuses-lambs-daffs-calves-bluebells, all against a backdrop of drilling freezing rain.

Donna Andrews

Okay, Catriona, you had me ready for a Scottish spring until you got to that drilling freezing rain part. We in Virginia can provide the snowdrops, crocuses, daffs, and bluebells, and I could probably find you a farm for the lambs and calves.

Kate Adams

Winter makes for gorgeous photographs but is a hard and bruising companion.

On the other hand, here in Ohio we're getting ready for the return of the turkey vultures! Nothing says "spring" around here like a turkey vulture newly arrived from Florida and ready to set up housekeeping and breed. San Juan Capistrano has nothing on us...

Dana Cameron

Great bird pics, Donna! And yes, we are ready for some spring here, too. :)

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