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March 05, 2013


catriona mcpherson

Hilarious! It's always the little things. On the topic of rude hand gestures, a backwards peace sign (palm turned towards signer) is as rude in the UK as the middle finger. But here it's just means "two". Or - as when a waiter does it to you as soon as you walk into a restaurant - "two?" It took some getting used to!

Elaine Viets

LOL, Catriona. And you know, if we get it wrong, we will get letters.


Elaine, you are amazing and funny.
In my youth, which I am deign to say is eons ago, my friend came back from the French Riviera and told me that she wore a bikini. My estimation of her dropped..I was a dope at the time. My French Canadian cohorts used a lot of swear words invoking dieties.
I revert to the song from GIGI that says "I don't understand the Parisians" and they frown on the French Candaian dialects..LOL

Elaine Viets

Marie, when I worked at a midwestern pool in the late 60s, a French woman wore a bikini. She was asked to leave, it was so shocking. By today's standards, her suit was modest.

Storyteller Mary

I love your attention to detail . . . and I love that you also lose sleep when bothered . . .
Well, not that you lost sleep, just that someone else does it, too, as I did last night . . . hence the run-on sentence.
Off to aqua aerobics, where I will do my best to teach, and then back home for a nap.
Looking forward to the next book.

Elaine Viets

Hope "Board Stiff" is good enough to keep you awake while you read it, Mary.

Alan Portman

It is getting the details right that makes your books so much fun to read.

One well known author popped the bad guys into the back seat of a BMW M1 for a car chase. http://jalopnik.com/go-for-a-test-drive-in-the-enthralling-bmw-m1-376539750 Do you see a back seat?

Elaine Viets

Don always gets annoyed at writers who give Heineken a twist-off cap, Alan.

Alan Portman


My mother worked for the USO in the late '40's, early 50's in France. She brought bikinis home for her nieces who were about 4 then. She thought they looked very cute. My aunt, there mother did too. The life guards on the beach on Lake Erie, thought they should go home.

Elaine Viets

Why do people get lonesome for the 50s, Alan?

PJ Parrish

Glad I could help Elaine!

Here's another Frenchism that comes in handy:

Face your palm downward and make a hitting motion toward your shoulder. It means "I don't give a damn!"

"J'm,en fous!"

Elaine Viets

I like that one, Kris. This blog is giving everyone an international education.


Thank you -- I started looking around the web and found http://tinyurl.com/6cuhy ; complete with photos. I'm now more educated than I was this morning... :)

Storyteller Mary

Carolyn, those gestures are fun to see -- thanks!

Elaine, never fear, your books have the power to keep me awake and turning pages, usually long past my normal bedtime.
Your radio programs are great fun, too, and one should be on in
about 15 minutes . . .


The ancient Romans called it "digitus impudicus"- the impudent finger!

Elaine Viets

I love it, Carolyn. I salute you. Politely, of course.

Elaine Viets

Four years of Latin, William, and I never learned anything that useful. It was always those dratted Romans and their booty, and they weren't shaking, they taking it. "All of Gaul is divided into three parts. . ."
Hey, that's France, isn't it?

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