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March 01, 2013


Dana Cameron

Wasn't Fated terrific, Mary? Charlaine turned me on to those books, and I'm so excited there are more to read. (You know I scrolled down to see if there were any more "Benedict" pictures, right? ;) )

Donna Andrews

Not actually reading any grownup fiction, Mary, but adding these to my TBF list (to be found list--it precedes the TBR pile).

I'm reading children's fiction, notably the next couple of books in the Droon series, and hoping to clear mental space to enjoy Dan Stashower's In the Hour of Peril.


Dana, gotta have Benedict snaps. :) He describes Alex as tall, thin and dark hair, if I remember right, but after only a few pages, to me Alex is Martin Freeman.

Donna, right after your Femmes post about the Droon series, I put it on my TBF list. Gotta have my list in the purse at all times. The act of opening a bookstore door somehow magically erases my mental book list.

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