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March 04, 2013


Donna Andrews

I'm looking forward to Seven Kinds of Hell! Wasn't the first Fangborn story in Wolfsbane and Mistletoe?

Dana Cameron

It was, Donna! And now there are (*counts on fingers*) five short stories and more to come!


I'm so excited about this series. That's a lot of road tripping this spring. Fun! It's amazing how many paranormal-ish conventions there are out there. Have Femmes been to a Wondercon before? Can't remember that one.


Congrats, Dana! I'm looking forward to reading it. I always find touring fun, too, but I miss the folks at home (counting one husband and two pets as folks), and I know they miss me as well. Have a great tour.

Dana Cameron

I don't know if one of us has been to WonderCon, Mary, but I'll be sure to report back! Thanks, Kris!

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