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April 10, 2013


Storyteller Mary

You have successfully whetted my appetite . . . now it's going to be even harder to wait for the book.
I usually muddle on with what I've started and tell myself I'm happy with the results. I admire your ability to prune and restart.

catriona mcpherson

That's a scary thing to read when you're getting to the home-straight on a first draft! I admire your courage and hope I never find out how it feels. (pulls covers over head and plans day of telly and M&Ms)

Charlaine Harris

My books have never gone that smoothly, Elaine. But you're right . . . when the book is gliding alone and no one's upset, you always need to beat someone up or outright kill them. Threatening them with divorce? Never thought of that. Hmmm. . . .

Marcia Talley

Thanks for giving me a writing-avoidance diversion this morning, Elaine: watched your trailer rather than buckling down to the page proofs for Deadly Passage! Said page proofs, BTW, for a novel in which I had the murderer all wrong. Didn't figure that out until the very end when the bad guy kept saying, 'but I didn't do it!' and I finally believed him. Had to go back and rewrite everything.

Elaine Viets

Murder is always a good way to pep up a sagging plot, Charlaine. The problem is to keep my cozy from becoming a serial killer novel.
Good luck with those page proofs, Marcia. Glad you listened to your inner killer.

Elaine Viets

Looking forward to the M&Ms and TV after I finish the current book Catriona. Chocolate is a vegetable.

Elaine Viets

Mary,I salute you for getting "whetting my appetite" correct.

catriona mcpherson

I think chocolate (milk = grass + beans + sugar = plant) is a salad.

Elaine Viets

I like the way you think, Catriona. Either way, it's definitely a health food.

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