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April 01, 2013


Toni Cox

Do you order from Brent and Becky's? Their online catalog is just the best.
Last year I got some wonderful Coreopsis from Lazy S, south west of you.
I have taken note of where you are since my kids live in Purcellville.

catriona mcpherson

Beautiful! I don't have any daffodils here yet - just a few grape hyacinths out of all my favourite spring bulbs - but I'll get there. Got primroses, irises, columbine and speedwell on the go - I just need to get used to them flowering at the same time (and along with bougainvillea and yucca!)

Elaine Viets

I love a northern spring, and your garden looked especially fine. Enjoy.

Dana Cameron

I never knew there was another verse to that poem, Donna! Thanks!

Anne Mikusinski

My dad use to recite that poem(alas, only the first stanza) every Spring. He loved gardening, all flowers and the warm weather.
This year on the 27, it'll be 9 years he's gone, and I miss him awfully.
PS. Daffodils are some of my favorite flowers as well.

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