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April 02, 2013


Hank Phillippi Ryan


And as for the teacher: HAH!

Kelly Saderholm

Oh, Dana, can we talk high school geek? I played DnD in the one of the Band practice rooms-nicely soundproofed in case the melee rounds got too animated. I sealed my high-school geekdom when My senior English teacher assigned us an essay comparing and contrasting two fictional characters- and I wrote about Sherlock Holmes and Mr. Spock. (Either my teacher was a bit of a geek herself, or she was bored with all the Dynasty/Dallas comparisons because I got an A and she never breathed a word.)

So adding-WonderCon to my list.

Dana Cameron

Right, Hank?

Ooh, that essay sounds great, Kelly! You'd have a blast at WonderCon.

catriona mcpherson

Wonderful! I am still a bit unsettled from when John Pertwee became Tom Baker and my parents and big sisters thought nothing of it . . .
Also, it's just occurred to me that when young US Whovians visit England and see Tardises on the street, they must get quite excited

Dana Cameron

It's such a weird viewer moment, Catriona, to see the metamorphosis, isn't it? And yeah, I saw a "TARDIS" in Australia, outside a museum of police work! Took a picture, of course!

Elaine Viets

Geeks and nerds do rule -- we're just late bloomers. But boy, do we have fun when we come into our own.
Loved the photos on this blog, Dana.

Dana Cameron

Thanks so much, Elaine! I was very pleased to see so many families geeking together.


I love Comic-cons, too, and this one looks great. What's wrong with teachers who try to stifle kids from growing into the interesting, creative people they want to be? Elaine is right, geeks and nerds do bloom later, but we enjoy longer blooms.

Dana Cameron

You know, Kris, I suspect that teacher was just intrigued, but picked a really poor way of expressing it. Love "longer blooms"!

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