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May 17, 2013


Marcia Talley

" ... went through one that registered on the Richter scale and caused new legislation in California's central valley. All writers have to have quake-straps on their laptops now. She did that."

Oh, Neil, I am ROTFL!!

Thanks for the laugh (and the blog).


You sir are as entertaining as your lovely wife. Thanks for the fun post.

Eileen Rendahl

Oh, Neil, you are as charming and delightful in a blog as you are in person and that's not easy to do. You are also far from dumb. Maybe just a trifle naive?

Karen in Ohio

Neil, you're a brick to help Catriona out this way. And thanks for the insights into The Way She Works. Glad to know I'm not the only one.

(This is your Scissors Sister, Karen!)

Charlaine Harris

Okay, now I've got to meet you.

catriona mcpherson

Neil says he's just a simple plant pathology professor and you're all making his head spin! But next time the spinach growers of Salinas look askance at his theories of disease spread he'll think to himself - yeah, but Charlaine Harris wants to meet me.

Neil McRoberts

Hello everyone and thank you all very much for your kind, warm and funny comments. We were at the launch of Susan Shea's latest book today. Susan said that she thought that one important thing that writers do is to record the stuff that people should think about. I thought how true that insight was, and how wonderful you all are for being able to wrap all that important stuff in plots that keep us reading and characters who we care about. What would life be like without you all? Thank you.

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