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May 20, 2013



I enjoyed the book and I enjoyed the series. I want you to keep on writing because I enjoy your work.

Let the haters roll off your back like a shower because you have better things to do.

Ellie Enosd

My daughter bought me the book for Mother's Day. We loved all 13 books. When Sookie and Gran talked, it sounded like the members of our family. We loved all the characters even when they weren't the best examples of themselves. Thanks for giving us the gift of Sookie and her world.

Kathy Lynn Emerson

Charlaine, i've been thinking a lot lately about you and what you've had to put up with from these so-called fans of the series. I'm so sorry you had to endure such unfair (and scary) reactions. It still floors me that readers should think they and not the writer should control what happens to characters. Your positive attitude is an inspiration. All success with whatever you decide to write next.


As always Charlaine, you are an inspiration in the way you handle yourself during these trying times.

I have never and never will understand the need to post negative reviews. They whole idea of trying to tell an author how to do their job is just pretentious and unnecessary.

That said, I am super excited for the Pawn shop series, so onward Charlaine

Charlaine Harris

Thanks for (I never thought I'd say this) your positivity, all of you. I always thought this discussion of "positive" energy and "negative" energy was hogwash, but now I'm a believer. Honestly, I don't see how the haters come up with the persistent ill-will it takes to post 42 times. Where is the rest of their lives?

catriona mcpherson

So right and so gracious. What makes me saddest of all is the cynicism of some of these people, the sneering, the default "yeah, right". I'm glad that's not my world. I don't know how they can believe it's where *you* live - poor things.

Jen McAndrews

Onward, indeed! Eager to see what new characters you create, and wishing you peace of mind and heart to create the art that moves you.

Dana Cameron

Charlaine, your poise is always an example for me. I know there's been unjust and mean comments, but as others have said--ignore the haters. Let them write their own books, their own characters, their own endings. Sad to think how much energy they expend on something that is the opposite of creative.

Can't wait to see what comes next, and congratulations on hitting so MANY lists at #1!!!

Shel F.

I'm three books behind, and I refused to read the spoilers, so no idea what's going to happen, but I do know one thing. The ending is the ending. You had good and sufficient reason for writing it the way you did. To overuse an old cliche - you can't please everyone. Dana above me is wise - ignore the haters and congratulations! I'm looking forward to seeing what is next for you.


I have read and loved every book in the series. For me the ending was what I had been hoping for all along. I have a great respect for you and how you have so gracefully handled the fury of this past month. I look forward to happily falling into the next new world create.


I've loved all of the books, including the last, and thought that the ending was the only one that rang true to Sookie. The fairy tale ending -- no pun intended -- was never possible, and I thought Sookie explained very well just why it wasn't possible. And given why it wasn't possible (don't want to do spoilers, just in case), the series HAD to come to an eventual end. I for one look forward to reading your next endeavors :)

Charlaine Harris

Thanks for letting me know that there are LOTS of rational and gracious people left in the world. No, I don't write fairy tale endings, and I'd known how the story would end a long time ago. I'm looking forward to creating new worlds.

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