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July 28, 2013



Hank - I have said it before and I'll say it again. I have no idea how you do everything that you do. If I had the amount of things demanding my attention that you do, I would just call it quits and hide under the covers. What day of the week it was would be the least of my problems.

Hana Haatainen Caye

Sunday's my barometer. Church and rest. It's the day I take off from all the other busyness. And then there's the weekly features on the blog that keep me focused, like Vinegar Fridays (although I'm always amazed at how quickly they come around each week). Without these "time stamps," I'd be in the same boat as you, but hey, as long as we had wine, think of the fun we'd have!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Kristopher, aww, thank you! But hey, you're no slouch when it comes to busy-ness!

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Hana, I LOVE being in the same boat with you! xo

Storyteller Mary

Someone told me that retirement is six Saturdays and one Sunday . . . but no one I know has stopped doing things. My mental game when I awake is to try to remember the day and my schedule for the day before I get up -- I'm usually mostly right, but I have reminders on the iCal and on post-its on the vitamin caddy, just in case . . .


You're safe, Hank. We don't worry about your being grounded—only oriented. Missing the day of the week is not a crisis unless you think it's 1956 and you like Ike. You don't know where you are? Ah—nevermind…

Renee Paley-Bain

My comment flew into the netosphere and disappeared. But here's what I said: I, too, was beleaguered by the same problem, but I found the perfect solution. It's a little bit retro, but it works. Subscribe to a daily newspaper. They always know what day it is and they print it right up at the top of the page. Since the NY Times is delivered by six in the morning, I'm never left unawares. Sometimes I don't even need to read the date. If it's the Science section, it must be Tuesday.

Claire Murray

I empathize with you, Hank, because I get to that point too. It gets difficult to separate the days when you they are too full and you are never done.

Hang in there, though. You do good stuff!


Hank Phillippi Ryan

Oh, I feel so much better that it's no just me! And yeah, Reine, I generally...know where I am. And I am grateful..xoo

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Renee! It's not retro--I read the actual paper, too! (And see you soon!) And Thursday is Styles, right?

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Claire, aw..thank you.

Deb Romano

My original response disappeared as I was typing it. Here goes my second attempt:

In order to know which day of the week it will be the next morning, before I go to bed I pull out one of seven color-coded index cards from the medicine chest, and prop it up behind my toothbrush. The card will read "Good Sunday Morning" or "Good Monday Morning" and so forth. On most Mondays and Fridays I get up earlier to go to physical therapy before going to the office. I have cards for that, too.

If I try to guess which day it is as soon as I wake up, I have a good chance of being wrong! Do NOT ask me the month or year! At work we are constantly working with different fiscal years, and current fiscal year documents can be dated months earlier.

This has nothing to do with anything, really, but I like and look forward to Mondays. I think it's because, um, because...okay, I'm weird; I just like Mondays! Weekends are too rushed, not enough time to relax. At least I know what to expect on a Monday...especially if I wake up knowing that it IS Monday (thanks to my index cards:-)

Hank Phillippi Ryan

DebRp: "I know what to expect on a Monday" is a pretty great opening line of a book.... (And I like MOndays too--it's a good excuse.)


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