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August 13, 2013


Dana Cameron

Mary, your reviews always make me want to add more books to my TBR pile! Thanks so much! (And...yummy covers, too!)

Elaine Viets

Mount TBR grows higher still, Mary. Glad to have your review of "The Cuckoo's Calling." I've been curious about it


An explosive debut for "Robert Galbraith" !

The gist of the novel is that a Private Investigator has been hired by the victim's brother to find out whether the supermodel committed suicide when by all accounts she was hale and happy or was it murder. It displays the sordidness of London and the paparazzi culture in agonizing detail and mercifully limits the royal references to 4.

As it proceeds, Rowling demonstrates her ability to present her characters with shifting shades rather tastefully. The detailed scene setting - be it the extraordinary detail of the pain of caused by the prosthetic and its removal or of a man living out of his kitbag for instance - proves to be at once her friend and foe. Readers accustomed to Forsyth's meticulously delicious plot setting and the glorification of detective work meet their doom in Cormoron Strike - who despite his dogged detective work, astute questioning and bluffing skills, comes across as resolutely 'regular'. In evoking the sense of danger and darkness through those details however, she succeeds superbly.

As an added exercise, a reader (especially the e-book ones for its easier to do this electronically) could count the no. of times the F word occurs in the book along with a few other choicest swear words than the Brits frequently employ - and perhaps how many times within a single sentence. ;)


Yes, she does use the F word here a lot more than in her other books. ;)

I pictured Cormoran as Robbie Coltrane right away. This probably makes no sense given her descriptions of him. Once I get a face in mind, I tend to ignore what the author thinks a character should look like.

Thanks for the good comments, Rahul and please visit again!

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