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August 07, 2013


Barb Goffman

So why was the cheese loft hatch open? And you had a cowman and laird? This suburban girl must know what these things are.

I once came home and the light was on in the spare bedroom at the far end of the hall. That should not have been. I definitely had not been in that room in a while. Did I run from the house and call the police? Nah. I grabbed my dog and, with him in the lead, we slowly advanced down the hall to the room. When we finally got there, prepared to scream at (my job) and bite (Scout's job) the intruder ... the light wasn't on at all and no burglar was waiting for us. Instead the sun was streaming through the blinds at such an angle that the room was lit up like a Christmas tree. (The blinds normally were closed leaving the room dark, but my cleaning lady had apparently left them partially open when she'd been there earlier in the week.) I nearly collapsed from my non-encounter, and Scout looked at me as if I were nuts. Then of course wanted a treat for his bravery. He got it.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

SO funny! YOu are...amazing.

Jonathan and Iwent to see THE GAME, remember, with Micahel Douglas or someone? And it was all about how we don't know what reality is, or some such.


I cannot begin to tell you how freaked out we were.

We eventually--after much angst and discussion, discovered a squirrel had somehow gotten inside, and much hilarity ensued. But at moment one, it was pretty darn creepy.

Did you read CELL?

catriona mcpherson

I don't know, Barb - I think I maybe opened it and forgot. And yes, I did read Cell - I read everything he writes. And freak out!

Deb Romano

I was a senior in high school. One of my younger sisters and I frequently babysat for an older cousin who had two little ones, an infant and a toddler. He and his wife had recently moved from an apartment near our home and were now renting what used to be a caretaker's cottage at the end of a gravel lane. One Saturday when we were watching the babies, I brought along some homework; I had to do a book report on Truman Capote's book In Cold Blood, which had just come out. The babies were asleep, my sister was reading, and I was working on my report. Suddenly, we heard footsteps out back. Our relatives were not due back for another hour. My sister and I looked outside - there was a very bright light at the back door to light the way in from the driveway, as there were no streetlights on the gravel road. We didn't see anyone. Should we turn the light off so whoever was out there wouldn't be able to see? Should we keep the light on so we could try to find out how many intruders were out there? And most importantly, how could we protect the babies? Was there someplace in the house where we could hide them? Then we heard banging noises. Was someone trying to break in through the cellar door? It sounded as though someone dropped something,we heard footsteps of someone running away, and then no more noise. I had just about finished writing my report but I had to stop working on it; the events in the book were as scary as what was happening to us. We turned on the TV and hoped that our cousin and his wife would come home SOON - except we were scared that whoever was out there might be lying in wait for them. Oh, no! Those poor babies might end up orphans before morning. For some reason, we never thought about calling the police.

After some time had passed, we heard a car. We peeked outside and were relieved to see it was our cousin's car. He and his wife came inside and asked if everythng was okay. (We must have looked frightened.) We told them what happened, and they said "oh, it was probably that raccoon that keeps getting into our garbage can!" They told us that it came out from the woods nearly every night and rattled around trying to find scraps of food. My cousin went outside to look around. He came back and said the lid to the garbage can was in the yard, and there were pawprints in the mud leading out to the woods.

That was the LAST time I ever read a True Crime book.

Elaine Viets

Love the cover, Catriona!
I got spooked one night while babysitting a neighbor's seven kids (yes, seven. did I say we were Catholic?)and reading Capote's IN COLD BLOOD. The wind blew the front door open. I shivered for an hour before I got up the nerve to close the front door.

catriona mcpherson

Racoons, squirrels and/or a stiff breeze . . . I'm feeling a bit better after reading what sort of thing can give others the heebie-jeebies!

catriona mcpherson

Ooh, and - "laird" is Scottish for "lord", but usually means a landowner, tilted or untitled. Richard is a plain old Mr although uber-posh. The cowman is just the man on the farm who looks after the cows!

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