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October 27, 2013


Donna Andrews

Well, since our cats always liked fishy cat foods, and I hate fish . . . that would be a no!

Elaine Viets

The fish looks and smells disgusting. But the chicken is tempting. Just not tempting enough for me to try it.

Don Crinklaw

Whenever I fed my pup Milk Bones I'd crunch a few. Really tasty, though I had to restrain impulses to chase cars and drink out of puddles. I've always liked getting my ears scratched, though.
Dour Don

Elaine Viets

So do they taste like chicken, Don?

Charlaine Harris

My kids always tried the dog kibble when they were toddlers, and they all grew up okay, except for the fleas.


Um, no. I sometimes think "Boy, I must be hungry" if the cat food smells good, but . . . no.

Alan Portman

Generic Dog biscuits. (crunchy crackers by the ingredients)
Horse chow (not the dried corn, but oats and molasses)
Monkey Chow (@ the St. Louis Zoo.)
I think that's it.

Elaine Viets

But the little collars you can get the kids are so stylish, Charlaine.

Elaine Viets

I was hungry, Catriona, but thought the fact the cat food looked good had to do with my cooking skill.

Elaine Viets

You win for the walk on the culinary wild side, Alan. The oats and molasses might pass for granola, but the monkey chow beats all.

Jo Ann

My pet store, Kriser's sells only natural, human grade pet food and tells me they personally have tried all of it. However, they don't carry Fancy Feast because it contains meat by-products, corn starch and wheat gluten. Meat by-products is a misnomer since these by-products contain little, if any, meat. These are the parts of the animal left over after the meat has been stripped away from the bone. They can include head, feet, entrails, lungs, spleen, kidneys, brain, liver, stomach, bones, blood, intestines, and any other part of the carcass not fit for human consumption. Wheat gluten is what was contaminated and killed thousands of pets in 2007, when Menu Foods allowed adulterated wheat gluten into its cat and dog foods. It is highly allergenic for cats and can cause irritable bowels, just like it does in humans. Corn starch and corn fillers can have harmful effects on cat health, including food allergies, diabetes, and obesity.

Therefore I would not eat any Fancy Feast cat food or feed it to my cat either.

It is so important to read and understand pet food labels.

Elaine Viets

Thank you, Jo Ann. You've cured any lingering interest in Fancy Feast.

Marcia Talley

In high school, post prom, the boys made the breakfast. 'Corned Beef hash' with fried eggs. Except the hash was Rival dog food. Unfortunately they told us AFTER we ate it. With the addition of sautéed onions and green pepper, it wasn't bad!!


OMGosh! I am actually laughing out loud at these comments! (I call it the 'bouncy-laugh-chair-dance'). They are priceless; JoAnn was very thorough - glad I hadn't eaten my lunch yet!


My late FIL once said to me, "I can make myself sick over anything I eat if I want to." Overlooking the fact that he was eating pasta I made for him at the time, I wondered why he'd want to. But when I open dog and cat foods - including the chicken Fancy Feast, or their egg souffles that my cat adores, and think about eating them - my FIL's words come back to me, and I feel a tad queasy.

Shel F.

My best friend in high school once ate a handful of my cat's Cat Chow - just to prove she could, I guess.
There was also a persistent rumor around the neighborhood that my neighbor's husband thought a dish of canned dog food was pate and made a sandwich out of it and liked it. I didn't personally witness that one, so can't swear to it.

Elaine Viets

Feeling a bit queasy aftr reading your comment, Marcia. I think I might have baked the boys some brownies with that high-school extra -- ExLax.

Elaine Viets

I'm with you, Rita. This blog is helping me keep to my (feline-food-free) diet.

Elaine Viets

Glad I don't know about the egg souffles, Kris.

Elaine Viets

Heard that dogfood pate was a favorite frat prank, Shel.

Karen in Ohio

What a dirty trick, Marcia!

Never had any, probably never will, with one exception: My husband fed our dog table scraps all the time. Stuff I'd already eaten. Does that count, Elaine?

Donna Andrews

Okay, no cat food, but I did used to nibble my friend's hamster's food. Lots of different grains. It was like trail mix before that before trendy.

Elaine Viets

Borderline, Karen. My grandma used to feed the dogs her tablescraps. Lucky dogs!

Elaine Viets

How'd you like running on that great big wheel, Donna?

monique flasch

By accident - yes I have tasted some. When I was a little kid I had a bad habit of licking spoons. It was almost an automatic thing. And then I fed the cats one day, using a spoon. Yep. Licked it. Icky. And that stopped the spoon licking habit.
But that was way before gourmet cat food.


My dog's Earthborn I haven't tried. I did, however, try these vanilla sandwich cookies that smelled great. They tasted great too. The sad part is they were probably more fit for human consumption then regular cookies.

Elaine Viets

Yuck, Monique. Bet that cured you of licking spoons.

Elaine Viets

Earthborn looked pretty good, Karen, if you go by the label. I know dogs like peanut butter cookies, but the vanilla sounds a little too human for their palates.

Kate Eileen Shannon

Never tried it myself. But I used to work with a horrible woman who would steal food right off your desk. So I bought some fancy dog cookies that don't look like dog food. Put them in a bowl on my desk. She ate several with no ill effects. Her taste buds and sense of smell must be dead LOL

Elaine Viets

LOL. They weren't Karen's vanilla cookies, were they?

Deb Romano

My brother told me that when he was in grad school back in the seventies, and trying to stretch the food budget, he bought the cheapest tuna he could find. He said it was awful, and he contemplated switching to cat food, as it was cheaper and smelled better, and apparently none of the cats he knew turned up thier noses at cat food!

One of my sisters had a HS friend who ate our family dog's milkbones, claiming she liked the "crunch".

Debbie Hagedorn

A long time ago, in high school, there were dog treats caled Doggie Donuts. They smelled really good and my friends dared me to eat one. They actually weren't bad. Don't think I would do it now though. :-).

Deb Romano

Correcting my spelling: THEIR!

Also, Monique: EWW to the licking the spoon thing!

Elaine Viets

I think I ate some of that tuna back in collage, Deb. Cat food definitely looks to be higher quality. But I was also living on Sqeez-Cheez then, which was like yellow Silly String, but not as tasty.

Elaine Viets

Debbie, what did the Doggie Donuts taste like -- were they sweet? Flat-tasting? Inquiring minds. . .

zellie nottelling

yes, as a child I was often so hungry I would sneak in to my neighbor's garage and eat their dogs' dry food.


Hmm, Elaine, I would be afraid, very afraid to dip into the cats' entree. The payback could be the darlings snitching your favorite adult treat..just saying. LOL.

Elaine Viets

Hm, Zellie. Interesting last name there.

Elaine Viets

They go after my food even when I don't eat theirs, Marie. I need an armed guard to eat shrimp at home.

zellie nottelling

<-- unless you really want to play around with DNS and the IP stack for a MAC address and resolve it...I'll just remain a tad mysterious, like Helen...thanks for fun reads!

Elaine Viets

Fortunately, I like mysteries and I still write my books on 3.5 floppies, so your secret is safe.

Kaye Killgore

Once, on a dare I tried that "bacon" stuff for dogs. It was awful.

Elaine Viets

Now we know. Thanks for telling us, Kaye.

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