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November 19, 2013


Mary Kennedy

These are fantastic choices! I love the idea that "everything that happens in a mystery depends on the character of those involved." Dean, thanks for posting Carolyn's wonderful comments. I loved Carolyn's GHOST GONE WILD and am eagerly awaiting her next release.

Dean James

Carolyn, I so agree! I've read all the books you list, except for Ambler's. I know I have it around the house somewhere, and I really need to dig it out and read it.


Welcome to the Femmes, Carolyn. Some of these are old favorites of mine, but I'm unfamiliar with a couple of them, so I'll check them out. Speaking of classics -- instant classics -- while I've always enjoyed your contemporary mysteries, I'm really enjoying your WWII novels. too. Surely they are becoming instant classics.

Carolyn Hart

Dear Kris - You do know how to lift an author's spirits on a wintry day. Thank you very much for liking the WWII books. It means a great deal for me to have you say that.
This is fun to be a guest of the Femmes Fatale, wonderful writers all. Carolyn

Dana Cameron

Thanks for sharing this, Carolyn! I'm dashing off to re/read those books now!

Toni L.P. Kelner

I'm with Dana. It's for me to go back and reread some classics. Thanks for the reminders!

Elizabeth Foxwell

Thanks for reminding us, Carolyn, of some terrific books. Here is my favorite quote re Ambler, from Michael Gilbert in _Crime in Good Company_: "[Ambler] says that he was an unpleasant child, but produces no evidence of this beyond a single attempt to blow up his own house with nitroglycerin."

Terrie Farley Moran

Thank you for your extraordinary insight into the books that shaped the mystery genre. Except for the book by Patricia Wentworth (and thank you for that introduction) I read all of these books and many more by the authors. I was very young when I started reading them and became a life long lover of mysteries. I do appreciate your comments on just what made them so special.

Carolyn Hart

Dear Beth - Ah, the charms of Nuchael Gilbert, a delightful writer.


Delicious! Nothing is better than someone saying she loves four books you love too - the Christies, the Tey and the Wentworth - and then suggesting three new ones. Thank you, Carolyn.

Charlaine Harris

Great, great, books. I remember reading Mary Stewart's "Nine Coaches Waiting" about six times, and I see now that I was learning from it . . . as you did from all the books you cite.

Carolyn Hart

I should certainly have mentioned Mary Stewart though she is younger than the classic authors. She was superb. Remember The Ivy Tree and My Brother, Michael? Carolyn

Debra H. Goldstein

What a great reminder of books that are both delightful to read and wonderful "tools of the trade" to learn from.


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