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November 19, 2013


Hank Phillippi Ryan

SO wonderful Catriona! And you know I am SUCH a huge fan.

Are those books yours? YOu still have them?

(And I laughed out loud at "loyal, i.e. boring.")



Congrats on your publication, Catriona! I'm looking forward to reading it. Weren't you lucky to have a series of books as a kid that absolutely transported you. And for a writer, nothing is wasted. It all works its way into your writing someday.


I still have them, Hank. When I pared my belongings down to the essentials to go into the container and be shipped to America, they made the cut!

Elaine Viets

Happy book day indeed, Catriona. May you soar up the bestseller lists.
Enid's adventures sound much more fun than Nancy Drew's here in the US.

Debbie LaFleiche

Congratulations on the book. It must be thrilling. It's great you still have some of your books from childhood. Over the years, I've tried to repurchase a few of my favorites, but it isn't the same as having the ones your 12-year-old fingers flipped through.


Debbie - what I've lost and would love to find in a charity shop somewhere is my piggybank. My parents didn't go in for Faberge egg level trinkets so it must have been mass-produced but I've never seen one. It was a doe-eyed little peachy-pink pig with a ribbon round her neck and a row of piglets tucked under her side, suckling. I haunt eBay but so far without success.

Dana Cameron

Congratulations, Catriona! Huzzah!

Debi Murray

Happy Birthday to you and your book!
My hubby has been lucky enough to keep a dozen or so first edition Hardy Boys mysteries from his youth. Not so I, my mother was the opposite of a hoarder...she was always throwing things out.


Congrats, Catriona! I love this series and this book so much! The book I have leftover from my own childhood is my copy of From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler---my all-time favorite!

(No need to include me in the drawing.)

Karen in Ohio

Send up the flag! Can't wait to read Dandy's latest adventure, Catriona. Best of luck with the US launch.

My mother was careless with my things, as well, so I lost nearly everything from my childhood, except for two small boxes of dolls and doll tea things. However, I recently found--and eagerly reread--my favorite book from eighth grade, Mrs. Mike, by Benedict and Nancy Friedman.

Mrs. Mike was a young woman who married a Canadian Mountie and left her comfortable city home for the Canadian wilderness with him. I thought it was all terribly romantic. Then. Now I would run and hide from anyone who remotely suggested such rash behavior.

Ardath Weaver

I'm excited for another Dandy adventure - what an intrepid heroine! I wish all your Dandy books were available in the US! I still have my entire original editions Nancy Drew mysteries and have now come to think of her as the original strong independent woman!


Ardath (What a lovely name, by the way) we are working on it. Can't say more yet.

Louise Kelly

Congrats Catriona! It's a corker this one. hope the US readers love it as much as I did!


Ardath - you have won! I'm adding a late extra condition: you have to tell me about your beautiful name. Also, please send me your address - [email protected]. Thank you, Cx

Ardath Weaver

Thanks so much - I'm excited to get the book. My name means 'flowering field' in Hebrew and comes from the Book of Esdras where he lies down in a field of flowers - and my mother stopped reading there. If she had turned the page she would have learned that he saw a vision of the destruction of Babylon! The 19th century novelist Marie Corelli wrote Ardath, a mystical romance. This adventure may have inspired the eponymous Ardath Tobacco Company Ltd - an association that delighted me as a child!

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