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January 17, 2014


Hank Phillippi Ryan

Loved Seven Per Cent solution--and you know if you stick with it, after the credits there's a surprise...

SO--how do you think he managed it? (A truck and a dummy and a deliberate bicycle?)

Marcia Talley

OMG, Mary, I've seen the new episodes, and hold on to your hat!

Also, have you seen our boy Benedict on the Jimmy Kimmel show? ROTFL!!

Check it out here: http://tinyurl.com/pbpu9x8

Charlaine Harris

Gosh, okay, I have to break down and watch this. So many smart people I know love this series that it must be spectacular.

Elaine Viets

Definitely a fan of Cumberbatch at the Palace, Mary. And we know he's not dead, right? Please say yes.
Did you see the interview where he says his name "Sounds Like A Fart In A Bath"?


Two sleeps! Two sleeps! No, I'm not excited or anything. I think my favourite moment so far was probably The Hat. So clever and affectionate.


Hank, no, I didn't watch past the credits! It's on On Demand so I'll do that tonight. Whew. I'd never sleep knowing there's more. :) BTW, when I last watched Young Sherlock Holmes, there was also a twist after the credits rolled. Sneaky!

Charlaine, I think you'd like it. You'd appreciate the writing skill and the fun modern twists on Holmes stuff.

Marcia, I'm so jealous! No, haven't seen Jimmy Kimmel's show. Love him but can't stay up that late. :) Looking forward to checking out that link.

Elaine - OMG, no haven't seen the interview. Thank you for the link.

Oh yes, he's definitely alive. :) All I can figure is he got the lab girl to dress up a corpse to look like him, and already had it in place before Sherlock jumped. ??? How did he survive the jump? Don't anybody tell me!! I want it to be a surprise!

Alana White

Cumberbatch is in the new Meryl Streep/Julia Roberts movie, as well. Without the English accent, I hear....


Catriona, yes, and the other one for me is Watson at Sherlock's grave. :sniff sniff:

Probably others too that I can't think of right now. Oh dear, maybe I should watch a couple from seasons 1 & 2 again. :)


Alana, this may be the exception that catapults me out of the house and into the movie theater. :) Although, it's a shame to throw out that beautiful accent.

Side point: It's interesting to me that British actors do Southern accents very well. I'm thinking of Kenneth Branagh in Wild, Wild West. He was such a good bad Southern guy. :)

Hank Phillippi Ryan

Charlaine, definitely start with the very first episode, though...

Dana Cameron

I was at the BSI (Baker Street Irregulars) weekend the show premiered, and was trying desperately to avoid spoilers. For me, it's the line "What must it be like in your funny little minds?" Can't wait for #2!

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