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January 01, 2014



Wonderful resolution! Two storytelling friends, busy and seldom telling at the same event, schedule "together time" on both their calendars at the beginning of the year, and neither will take a job on those days. Time to relax is vital.
A friend yesterday rattled off a long list of resolutions, overwhelming really . . . I wish her luck with it. Then I said, "I think I'll finish that sweater I started five years ago . . . yeah, that would be good." . . . and I did suggest that she take time for fun between the items on her list.
Wishing you a very good year.


My most successful resolution was to give to charities. Every month since then (for about 3 or 4 years), I've made a donation to a cause I believe in. And each year I also get a little reward from the IRS for doing this. I'm hoping this year's resolution to improve my stress management practices is just as successful.

Elaine Viets

You hit it, Mary -- don't forget to have fun. And good luck with that sweater. I'm surprised you haven't finished it yet, since storytells are good with yarns.

Elaine Viets

Impressive, Long-number person. Many of us say we're going to donate more to charity, but you actually do it. Congratulations. Hope the stress management is equally successful.

Charlaine Harris

After several experiences of disappointing myself, I quit making New Year's resolutions, and I am much happier as a consequence. Your two short trips a year with no cell phones sounds delightful.

Elaine Viets

Resolving not to make resolutions is a good approach, Charlaine. and one you can keep.

Marcia Talley

I love it that you make time for yourselves and each other with no interruptions. I've made no resolutions this year because I never seem able to keep them.

Elaine Viets

Another woman who knows herself.

Alan Portman

Years ago, in the pre-cellphone days, I worked for someone who routinely called people in when they were on vacation. I took a week long bicycle trip. From 6:00 am until about 2:00 pm I was somewhere on a country road in Missouri on my bike. After 2, I would be in some of the finest high school or junior college gyms in the state.

When the boss asked how to reach me, I told him my father had access to the route map and a helicopter could be sent. Boss was not happy.

Elaine Viets

Good for you, Alan. I worked for similar bosses, but wimped it and called in. I wish I'd had your guts back then.

Dana Cameron

Brava, Elaine! We've learned to schedule our vacations at the beginning of the year, so we make sure to give our brains a rest.

Elaine Viets

A good time to be out of the cold Northeast, too, Dana.

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