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January 21, 2014


Elaine Viets

Welcome, Wendy. I have two cats, Harry, a rescue cat, and Mystery, a pedigreed show cat who bit a judge. They've taught me good lessons, including, "Enjoy the sunny spots" and "When you're angry, you're not getting hugged."

M. Rups

I used to have cats. And, long ago, a St Bernard. What they taught me: Live in the now whenever you can. Stop to enjoy it while you may. And learn to let go -- yesterday was yesterday.


Welcome to the Femmes, Wendy. Todd sounds like a great cat. My dog has taught me that a good walk will make you feel wonderful, while my cat has taught me a little time spent resting in a ray of sunshine will accomplish the same thing. They both know more about living in the moment than I ever have.

Hank Phillippi Ryan

This is SO brilliant.
Funny--I am also terrified in social situations, business ones, too. As a reporter, in that role, I'm fine. But as just me? Not so much.

A very wise person once said to me--you know how cats puff up when they are sensing danger? They "get big" so they take up more room and seem more powerful. "So--get big," she told me. I will confess to all of you--that's exactly what I try to do. Just like a cat.

Welcome, Wendy! cannot wait until our paths cross in person.

PS I am still working on "If you gripe, someone will feed you," just as my cat Lola used to do. Worked for her. But not so much for me with my husband..well, wait. Yes, it does!

Charlaine Harris

I've learned if I'm cute, someone will give me a treat.


Thank you all for having me! I'm glad I'm not the only one who learns life lessons from critters.


Todd could end the run of self-help publishing all by himself! Hm, what have I learned form Dennis Buggit and Rachel Green? well, Dennis is a demanding pain in the derriere who pukes in all the wrong places and Rachel is so shy most visitors think she's imaginary and she still runs away form us after seven years. So I suppose I've learned that you will be loved no matter what - not a bad lesson really.


Todd is great! And a smart guy. Do you ever loan him out? My cat Big could use some help in these particular areas ... okay, me too .... and I believe Todd would make a good guru.

I look forward to reading your book. Thanks for being with us today!

Marilyn Watson

I loved your Post. I'll look for your Mysteries. I write and read them with zest...


This is so good. My cat of 17 has taught me, trust no one, your cat will love you more then any human every will. sleep whenever possible and be grateful for the food on our plates.

Dana Cameron

Thanks for stopping by the Femmes, Wendy! What I've learned from my cats: Jumping into someone's lap isn't always a good way to make friends.


Todd the cat guru, who knew? How much does he charge & does he make house call. We'd all probably be happier if we followed our pets' approach to life. I still get kitty cuddles & kisses EVEN when I don't give them their favorite cat food for dinner or forget their treats for an evening. Looking forward to your Murder by the book visit.

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