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January 29, 2014


Hank Phillippi Ryan

I CONSIDERED the treadmill, yes indeedy. My husband and I even walked to the local gym to check it out. Then we walked home. Voila, exercise.

Year of the Wood HOrse? What's a wood horse? So glad you know this stuff, dear Jessie!

Jessie Crockett

What a great way to use the local gym!

Each year in the eastern astrological calendar has an element associated with it. There are five elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. Every element lasts for two years in a row. There are twelve animal signs which last just one year at a time. Each particular animal/elemental combination comes around once every 60 years and has a particular energy associated with it. There is lots to explore on this subject all over the web. I hope you enjoy the year of the Wood Horse!


This is such a great post. And a bit of a life-saver. I've been forced to start calling January a liminal month in the great 2014 project. Now it's officially the start again!


Oh, I'm so happy there's a new New Year! Wood Horse certainly works for me. In fact, IT ROCKS.

Same here, Catriona. It's always the end of January before I'm really ready to accept that the old year is over.

Thanks so much for the info, Jessie, and for being with us!

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